Balancing Jack for Crankshafts, Fan Wheels or Rims

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Balancing jack for Crankshaft, fan wheels , rims and more. 

Product Information

Balancing jack Crankshaft and fan wheels Vespa PX V50 PV125 ET3 VNB VBA VBB Sprint GL GTR GT Piaggio

Sometimes it just makes sense to reinvent the proverbial wheel. This balancer was completely rethought from the ground up. Ultra smooth running, super versatile, very wide adjustment ranges, scales with vernier for precise diameter adjustment, to anticipate just a few features.

The heart and unique selling point of the balancing device are the large discs made of high-alloy tool steel, which hold the part to be balanced. The diameters of the disks are very large compared to the bearings and reduce the breakaway torque immensely. An open variant is used for the bearings. In addition, all bearings are washed out by hand and lubricated with low-viscosity oil. These measures again reduce the breakaway torque and so the discs respond ultra-fine. The fixture's support structure is made of precision extruded profiles, and all add-on parts are CNC-machined in house.

The frame of the balancing fixture allows fine adjustment by means of a dimensional scale with nonius on each of the two towers (reading accuracy 0.1mm). Thus, both sides of the discs can be adjusted to the diameter offset of the workpiece, if necessary. The dimensions of the device are such that everything from single-cylinder crankshafts with pistons to fan wheels and multi-cylinder crankshafts to complete wheels can be balanced. Adjustment is made simply by means of a quick-release lever. 

The device stands solidly and on non-slip elastomer feet. 

On request, the device is delivered in a gray robust plastic box. This protects your new precision tool in the workshop from dirt, dust, aerosols and damage.

In addition, dial gauges can be added at will. Please contact me and let me realize your individual wishes.

Since the applications are very individual, corresponding adapters are only offered on request and manufactured individually (e.g. fixtures for fan wheels or rims). Please do not hesitate, contact me via the contact form.

Size or Dimensions

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min. length 14mm
max. length 467mm
max. diameter 570mm
other specs on request (larger or even smaller)

Product Details

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- ultra smooth running
- super low breakaway moment
- precise balancing results
- highly versatile
- easy to service
- dial gauges on request


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Almost any part you can imagine. 
Please contact me for individual adapters for your application.

Special note

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This tool is built especially for you. We have low stock quantity. Delivery time may vary.