FOX DHX2 / X2 2021 shaft clamps set (for threaded damper tube + reservoir)

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Your new favourite tool at the workshop. Precisely engineered and CNC-machined tools.  

Product information

Designed, engineered and tested in collaboration with Anyrace Suspension (@anyracesuspension / Instagram) and Marco Kaiser (@marcoantesberger / Instagram). 

Made from aluminum and machined in tight tolerances. Both sides are equipped with powerful magnets which hold them in place in your vise. So you can use your hands for important things, not to hold the halves in place. And: you'll never have a mess in your drawers, because the halves stick together on their back facings. These clamps will become one of your favourite tools at your workshop.

The clamp for reservoir is made cylindrical. In this special case, this gives you almost twice the working angle than with the regular rectangle clamps. You can work faster and more precisely.

With the engraved type designation and size you don't have to search for the right tool but get it on first glance.

Suitable for

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FOX DHX2 / X2 2021
Damper tube + reservoir tube


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2 tools, each 2 half-shells
2 magnets on each back facing for fixing in vise and to join them for storage
reservoir clamp is cylindrical for faster, more precisely working